Xenokeryx amidalae - The skull

Work In Progress / 22 December 2020

Hey everyone!

Once we have covered all the information, it's time to start with the ZBrush modeling. The skull is the most recognizable piece and sometimes is the most common measure tool for keep the accurate proportions.

When we are modeling a living animal is easier to cover good references, but if we are reconstructing an extinct animal this gets to be serious. In this case, the species is a mammal with very well-know relatives, so I took as main reference one of the two living giraffids: okapia johnstoni.

The transformation from okapi to xenokeryx.

This anatomy study from a okapi was a good reference for the bottom of the skull.

I had some trouble with the occipital because there is no remains and is an important point where the three appendages are fused.

I'll keep you updated, hope you like it!

Go check the original project to see the final model: